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I welcome you to share with others the published articles, instructional materials, and classroom learning experiences that I have posted. I hope they serve as a resource for interested educators and parents alike. Thank you for your dedication to the education and enrichment of all children!


Dr. Bertie Kingore is an international consultant, a visiting professor/speaker at numerous universities, and a former classroom teacher in preschool through graduate school classrooms. She is recognized for her ready-to-use research-based applications, motivational ideas, and humorous insights. She is the award-winning author of 27 widely used publications, including Rigor and Engagement for Growing Minds, Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective, The Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), and "High-Achievers, Gifted Learners, and Creative Thinkers. Her latest book published this year by NAGC is: Rigor for Gifted Learners: Modifying Curriculum with Intellectual Integrity.

Dr. Kingore has received many honors including the 2014 National Teachers' Choice Award, the 2011 TAGT President's Award, and the 2005 Legacy Award. She also received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of North Texas where she earned her Ph.D. She is a past President of TAGT and was also recognized as the first Texas Gifted Educator of the Year. Her numerous award-winning materials help educators and guardians nurture young minds across the globe.

Bertie and her husband, Richard, are the parents of three gifted sons whose needs and talents fuel her dedication to gifted education. They currently live in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas.


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Rigor and Engagement for Growing Minds:
Strategies that Enable High-Ability Learners to Flourish in All Classrooms

Winner of the 2014
Learning Magazine's
Teachers' Choice Award!

The evidence- and research-based content is developed with hundreds of applications and supported with more than 250 citations and helpful websites.

Current research and the Common Core (CCSS) move the focus of education from mastering content toward a major concern for rigor, relevance, depth, clarity, and understanding how instruction influences all students’ continuous learning and future life in college or the work place. Explore hundreds of ready-to-use ideas and learning experiences to realistically help you transform your classroom into a rigorous learning environment.

  • Implement the CCSS while lifting standards for high-ability students.
  • Use assessments that provide actionable data aligned to required instruction.
  • Transform lessons and products with rigor, relevance, and higher-order thinking skills.
  • Engage students so they are motivated to exert the effort required to reach higher achievements.

Recognizing Gifted Potential: Professional Development Presentation

Professional Development
Through the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), Planned Experiences, and Differentiated Learning Experiences

TRAIN YOUR OWN STAFF with this presentation of over 300 slides for up to two full days of training, student samples, interactive activities for participants, handout masters, notes pages, Recognizing Gifted Potential, the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), and two CD-ROMs.


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