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Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), 2nd ed.

168 pages

The KOI increases teachers' effectiveness in identifying and differentiating instruction for the students with gifted potentials by:

  • Clarifying students' response patterns to look for over time;
  • Providing an ongoing series of enriched learning opportunities to all students that elicit advanced potentials; and
  • Implementing standards for observations and student products that document teachers' insights about their students to other educators.

This process helps to immediately initiate appropriate differentiation in the classroom for students whose learning responses exceed the expectations of the core curriculum.

The KOI has been successfully implemented to identify gifted and talented behaviors in children for over 10 years in almost every state in America and several other countries, including Australia, Canada, and Mexico. It is celebrated for its ability to identify gifted potentials in minority students and students from poverty who are frequently difficult to identify through standardized tests. It is valued by educators for its effectiveness and efficiency.

An easy-to-use assessment and differentiation process, the KOI enables you to enrich the learning environment for all children while identifying gifted and talented students through seven categories of observable behavior. Expanded into a K-3 and 4-8 level, this book provides for each: multiple differentiation activities, the KOI forms, Parent Information Forms, procedures and interpretations of the process, successful techniques, and answers to the 14 most frequently posed questions. Included are:

  • Over 55 classroom activities correlated to the KOI categories;
  • Over 25 reproducible forms to integrate into your curriculum;
  • Over 190 literature activities correlated to the KOI categories; and an
  • Annotated bibliography of over 175 children and young adult literature publications correlated to the KOI categories.



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