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Sioux City Sue


Readability: 3.0 through 5.0
Interest Level: 2 through 6

Characters: Seven Narrators

Sound and Action Effects:
STAGECOACH: Rattle, rattle
BUCKING BRONCOS: Clap hands on knees
VULTURES: Heh, heh, heh! (sinisterly)


BANDITS: Hssssss!
GUNS: Bang, bang
GOLD DUST: Worth millions!
SIOUX CITY SUE: Eeeeeeeeeek!
SNEEZE: All sneeze
THE END: All shout


Narrator I: Pulling out of the little Western town of Jackson Gulch, a STAGECOACH stopped as the COACH DRIVER reined his BUCKING BRONCOS in sharply. He pointed off in the distance, past the grazing CATTLE, the OLD MARE, and the needle-sharp CACTUS.

Narrator II: "Great day," moaned the COACH DRIVER. "Look at those big VULTURES circling overhead." Climbing from the STAGECOACH, he hurried through the CACTUS and found a beautiful girl, SIOUX CITY SUE, tied to a stake.

Narrator III: He began to untie her. But suddenly, he heard the BUCKING BRONCOS galloping away with the STAGECOACH. "It's the BANDITS," cried beautiful SIOUX CITY SUE. "They have GUNS. They tied me here to stop the STAGECOACH."

Narrator IV: "Great day," moaned the COACH DRIVER. "Then they'll get away with the GOLD DUST, unless--". He peered past the CATTLE, past the OLD MARE, past the CACTUS, and past the circling VULTURES. "Look!" he exclaimed. "It's the LONE RIDER."

Narrator V: Up galloped the LONE RIDER. Whipping out his GUNS, the LONE RIDER blasted away, not at the BANDITS, but at the sacks of GOLD DUST. He hit the sacks and the GOLD DUST floated into the air, making the BANDITS SNEEZE. Soon they were SNEEZING so hard they could no longer ride, and the BUCKING BRONCOS slowed up.

Narrator VI: The LONE RIDER jumped aboard the STAGECOACH with the COACH DRIVER, holding SIOUX CITY SUE under one arm, and his smoking GUNS in the other hand. "You varmints are going to the calaboose," he said to the BANDITS, "and SIOUX CITY SUE and I are a-getting hitched."

Narrator VII: "Oh, no we aren't" cried beautiful SIOUX CITY SUE."That may be the way it was in the old days, but we women aren't going to stand for this type of story any longer. Besides, I'm a lady Marshall in disguise and I'm arresting all of you for bad acting. And that includes: the COACH DRIVER, the VULTURES, the CATTLE, the OLD MARE, and the LONE RIDER. THE END!"


1. Everyone can perform as one of the narrators and one or more of the sound effects.

2. The sound effect people should meet in groups to decide how to produce their sound and plan actions or movements to accompany it.

3. The sound effect and action is performed immediately following the reading of the character's name.


Adapted and formatted by Bertie Kingore. Original source unknown.

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